Mixing it the Paleo Way E-Book Edition 03

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Mixing it the Paleo Way E-Book Edition 03


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Product Description

These delicious Thermomix recipes are free of gluten, grains, soy, dairy, and sugar.

Whether you suffer from food allergies or intolerances, or are simply time-poor and looking for amazing “clean food” recipes, Mixing it the Paleo Way is for you. Featuring more than 100 sensational recipes you can make in your Thermomix, this book has meals the whole family will love.

This is an EPUB file, suitable for most tablet devices with an e-reader app (excluding kindle devices and reader apps)

General Instructions:

File size is approximately 54Mb

If purchasing and downloading on a tablet device, the e-book should automatically appear in your library / bookshelf / e-book reader app after download is complete.

If purchasing on a desktop computer, installation instructions are as follows:

For Mac, using iBooks:

Download e-book file (file should have the .epub extension):
Move file from your downloads folder (or import) to iBooks (File > Add to Library)
Sync iPad as normal and make sure the e-book is set to sync.

For other devices and readers (instructions kindly taken from www.overdrive.com)

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“The passion that Emily has for a Paleo lifestyle shines through in all she does. These recipes are quick, tasty, and will save you time in the kitchen. Enjoy!"

— Meghann Birks (Owner, Paleo Café, Mornington Peninsula Victoria)

“If you have a Thermomix or you’re thinking of getting one and you’re Paleo, you need this book”

— Steve Hayter, That Paleo Show